Best email marketing software/service??

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Cash buyer's list has grown beyond my primitive "cut-and-paste" methods. Which list manager is reasonably priced and easy to use? What other features should I be seeking? We are considering Aweber, Constant Contact, InfusionSoft, MailChimp, Ontraport etc. We are Podio users. Should I be seeking Podio integration? Our business is approx. 50% rehab and 50% wholesale. Buyers list is up to 2,800 contacts. I am not very tech-savvy and don't have a "techie" on my team. Will probably use a VA to work this for us.

@Russ Scheider for your basic needs to communicate with your buyers, I find mailchimp best. Whether you use a trigger from Podio (integration) or internal to Mailchimp (stand alone) will determine the need to get techie. How will you workflow new deal intake to buyers list to follow up? Will this be the VA task you speak of? If so, a simple task management process in Podio will suffice.

@Russ Scheider - ActiveCampaign. Its like a perfect marriage to Podio as it fills in all the gaps. I have used this extensively in many REI businesses with huge success! Mailchimp is nice, and I used to be a user. ActiceCampaign has a much more advanced automation suite if thats a direction you would like to move in