Tiny Homes/Shotgun Homes: Where to find building rules?

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Hi BP Members, 

I have a weird question and do not know where to go to start finding my answers? In Arizona they just allowed, Tempe, to allow a plot of land to be used for "tiny homes" in an effort to promote affordable housing. It sparked my interest in the rules of doing something like this. 

Do you think it is possible to purchase land and then build multiple tiny homes or shotgun houses on the property? And the better question, HOW can this be done? 

I live in TX and there is an abundance of land. Being able to purchase multiple acres and then building 10 tiny homes would be an interesting take on the idea of multifamily. 

Please let me know your thoughts or places to go to deep dive this myself. 

@David Hemm Hi David. I just watched the podcast on Mobile Home Parks with Jefferson Lilly dated 1/17/18. They discuss Tiny Homes in that episode. You may want to reach out to him. He mentions being invested from coast to coast, so he may be able to direct you.

I know tiny homes have been all the rage in the recent past, and I've started seeing shows on "Container Homes." Have you looked that those? Very interesting! I think I watched it on Hulu. You should check it out.

@David Hemm each county usually has its own zoning. Within that zoning are different designations: some lots are just for commercial, some will allow multi-family, some are single family - but allow for a certain amount of density within that designation. You need to visit your county planning office or website to learn more. The easiest thing to do is to find a lot that "matches" your desired project. Then you don't have to ask for zoning changes or special variances. Here is an example: I own a property with one house on a 1/4 acre lot. The zoning is R-8. That means I am allowed to have 8 units per acre - which divides down to 2 units per quarter acre. So that is what I am doing. I am building a second house. If I acquired a full acre lot I could build 8 houses. Now subdividing those lots is a whole different animal. What if you bought 1 acre and created 8 lots? I can do that - but the perimeters and requirements expand. Educate yourself...