Any St. Paul investors? Also looking for a solid St. Paul agent.

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I'm interested in chatting with investors who like doing business in St. Paul. Almost everyone I know has no experience with or much knowledge of the SP market and prefer to stick with Minneapolis or areas west of SP. I'm particularly interested in those who have worked on CAT 3 homes and had success. I understand it can be a pain in the butt with all of the code requirements (also heard that they some slight changes for the better recently or they're going to?) and so a lot of people steer clear but in my mind that means less competition. Sounds like a possible opportunity to me.

I'm also looking for recommendations on some great real estate agents who know the St. Paul market inside and out and have experience working with investors. Thanks!

Updated about 3 years ago

Correction: I said CAT-3 but meant CAT-2.

I work with quite a few people looking for multi family or flips in Saint Paul. We’re having luck on west 7th right now.

@Cory Johnson feel free to reach out. I know a lot about St. Paul (lived there for 6 years) and the suburbs. I have done a ton of Cat 2 properties and know the ins and outs very well. Currently we own a few dozen units in St. Paul