This Tulsa Fund that I'm starting

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So, here I am in Tulsa. I want to start a 50 million dollar fund to invest here. We have acres of undeveloped beautiful land available. We also have a plethora of solid properties to save from the scourge of gentrification 

I'm going to call it the Tulsa Fund because most investors would key in on that fact.

This is Tulsa. The Oil Capitol of the World.

So here we go, I was reared in Tulsa, but I was born in Detroit. I've been acutely aware of race, and problems of race from a very young age. 

But Tulsa? Tulsa has historically been a mirror of the US in terms of marketing. 

But we're Okies, we're a scrappy crowd. I've never felt freer than living here. We are a distillation of Americans here. 

Our economy is stable, and with the addition of Aerospace and Green Technologies we are forward looking.

Some may choose to capitalize on our sordid past. Shame, shame on those folks. Are we not moving forward? Isn't that what we all want?

Originally posted by @Nate Marshall :

@James Niemeyer sounds like you have a jealousy issue with someone who was successful in a major SEC compliant capital raise and fund.

@Nate Marshall Resorting to playground name-calling? 

You sure are a charmer, bet yer rich too, and us dummies just don't understand.

How do you define rich? You're only rich if you use your good fortune to help others achieve their goals. Prior to Jay's launch last June so many people were predicting failure or were just outright either jealous or upset that he was successful. Getting a Reg A through the SEC is painstaking. It's not easy. It takes time. The SEC has mandatory 28 day holds on responding to answers for questions they ask. 

It's also public knowledge and fully transparent. You can look it up on the SEC's website. Jay hid nothing. He listed risk factors. He passed the bad actor test. He was approved and his raise was successful.