Buying First Rental Properties - Frustrating !

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I'm so close to obtaining 3 properties in my first transaction with my goal to maximize cash flow, but it has been a definite learning curve thus far. My biggest hurdle has been financing; I made the mistake of going with a big bank (because I didn't know any better) and they're digging through all my bank accounts to judge where my down payment is coming from. They will even judge if by using funds from my business checking account if it will be too strenuous on my business. The process has been grueling and I think it's too late to switch to a new lender at this point.

I honestly am considering just buying the best of the properties in cash, going around the bank, taking my cash flow, and over-insuring the property in case of a claim. I'm new to this and I know people say not to buy in cash, but if I can afford to, why not? 

I just feel like I should get something out of this before the seller backs out and next time use leverage with a better lender and game plan now that I've been through the fire.

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The properties are fully tenanted and in A-Class neighborhoods. Appreciation in this area is only 2% so they're mainly used for cashflow

@Rob Bianco Mostly conventional lender will ask for paper trail for deposit. Its not big or small bank, its Fannie Mae guidelines.  You just have co-ordinate with paper trail unless its cash deposit. You can always ask your lender to take that amount from down payment if you have enough funds for down payment in your bank account.  

agreed a PIA

We have plenty to pay cash but decided to get a loan for the first time

They wanted business profit and loss statement even though we have plenty of income without it 

Then they were worried that the down payment might negatively effect the businesses.  

Even after we showed none of our businesses would skip a beat they required more paperwork.  

The lender even got to the point of questioning why we would be buying a house which was worth less than what we currently live in. Lol. Ahhhhh because it is a vacation house and we will use it less than 2 months out of the year 

It got so ridiculous with them requiring more and more paper work we went back to paying cash for investment properties and vacation home