Aloha BP! Trying to sell a 3/1 in Centerville, OH. Originally asking $152k for wiggle room, buyer offered $145k cash. My realtor / manager is pretty adamant about taking the buyer as other buyers may be FHA and could take longer, etc. We countered back at 149k, buyer countered @ 146k, I accepted but now..... Buyer is asking that if the appraisal comes in low, I split the difference between appraisal and the purchase price. Context of situation is I’ve decided to sell and 1031 exchange in hopes to buy a 3/2 to further invest (buy/hold). 2 Bathrooms tend to rent out better. This particular house is also septic and not sewer. I bought 2 years ago for 133k. What I want to know is: 1. Are there any things I can counter with or have buyer cover (closing, taxes, fees, etc)? This starting to feel one-sided. 2. Is this a reasonable deal? Am I getting caught up with what might be a matter of a few thousand? (Still a lot of money to me, btw). 3. Does the buyer paying cash really make it that much better that I come down and agree to all his/her demands? Is it a buyers market in Ohio, now?!?! Any experience and sound advice wanted. Thank you in advance 🙏🏽 Aloha🤙🏽 Laine