Sold Home data & all features in one database - Demand for this?

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I've been looking all over web for databases with ALL sold home data in one place - for example instead of just looking at 20 properties at a time, being able to see all properties in an area in one file... and i cant fin it anywhere.

I wanted to check if there is any demand from real estate investors to have all this Sold Data in one place. 

- If this already exists!

- If this is in demand from anyone, would anyone pay for this by metro/neighborhood for their research / evaluate good deals?


Example in Excel...

Database for neighborhoods, metros for example 'San Francisco' will have 19,000 properties from past 3 years:

Street Address & Sold price

Sold On: Date

Zestimate; Rent Zestimate; 

Beds; Baths; SqFt

Lot size; Type; Year Built; Last Sold:Text

Parking; Cooling; Heating; Fireplace


e.g. lists all features (Y/N) Heating type, Cooling type, Basement, Attic, Flooring type etc  etc etc

With this you can see if your deal is better/worse on average on the features in the surrounding neighborhood... and where there could be potential to add features


I would love to have one place where I can get all of this accurate data.  If you build it, you'll get paid.  Zillow has a lot of it, but the accuracy is shaky.  Today, I use Zillow or to start.  As I zone in, I have to go to the municipality website to be sure the information is accurate.

Good Luck!