Buying property at auction in Phoenix AZ

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Hi everyone,

I am looking to buy a specific property at auction in Phoenix AZ.  I will not be able to physically be there at the courthouse.

1) Is there a reputable service/agent I can use who would bid on my behalf?

2) This is the first time I am attempting to do this, how would I research title insurance issues prior to buying a foreclosed property?

3) Any other big gotchas I should be aware of?


1. Take a look at AZ Bidder. I'm not affiliated with them or anything, but I've done a little bit of research and it seems to be a good service. 

2. I believe the service has title searches as an option. You could also pay for title searches prior to bidding

3. Bidding on properties you've never seen in a place you do not live is dangerous unless you have a great feel for the area, have invested here already, or have lived here recently. I would not suggest this option to someone new who is doing it from 2000 miles away. Extreme due diligence should be taken when attempting such a feat.