Switching Agent for buying a Home..with Buyer loyalty Agreement

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Initially i worked with an Agent and she showed me 5 properties, During Making an offer on a House she slipped a document to sign Digitally in her Ipad. 

Later I was not satisfied with her home searching skills or Negotiation skills...

I switched my Agent then the other Agent showed me a good home, we made a offer and also the sellers accepted it.

Now somehow the other agent got to know it and saying that I had signed a Buyer Loyalty agreement for 1 year and harassing me to pay 2000$ to her for showing those 5 houses or else she wouldnt end the contract.

Hi @Jacob Morgan

I am not in your area, am not familiar with your contracts and not making any representations. My statements are simply some dolt on the internet.

If you were in my area and signed an "Exclusive right to represent". Then you essentially said "I am working with you and you only. If I buy a house you are getting a commission from the seller or from me". If you wanted to end that contract you should have ended it before finding another agent. IE called the broker and said "Hey I am unhappy with my agent, I want to end the contract for XYZ reason". In my experience most brokers will release you if you are unhappy.

There may be a fee. It is like any other contract you are agreeing to terms. It is like saying, "I rented an apartment for 4 months, was not happy, so I just left. What do you mean I owe money for breaking the lease?" Contracts mean something, it is why people sign them, to acknowledge them. I would guess you can work something out with her. If you decide to go to court and fight it using the "She slipped it in, when I didn't know", you may get a sympathetic judge, but you may also get the full boat of the commission owed as well.

Personally I explain every document (at least the first offer).  Good luck in whatever route you decide to go.