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Hey everyone,

I wanted to get some input on how to offer a wholesale offer on a home that's not really distressed or as o call "pretty". Little to no repair and ready to move in. Is wholesale only best for distressed properties or can I use it creatively and offer it like a normal buy? Thanks.

Hi @Asher Carr . Buying wholesale works best when the seller either can't sell retail (i.e., to an owner-occupant) or doesn't want to (for reasons of speed, convenience, etc.).

Here's my simple test: If the seller would be best served by selling the house retail through an agent, then that's what they probably should do, and there's no good reason for you to get in the way of that. For extra credit, you should refer them to a great listing agent and make the introduction!

As an investor, your #1 goal is to learn how to create value! Sometimes, the highest value you can create will end up filling someone else's pocket, and that's perfectly OK!