$8k to paint a house?

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Hello. My First flip! home needs paint, here is a list that I got quoted $7,500.00 for

Ive bought wall paint already

He is supplying everything else, tape, brushes, trim paint ETC.

Paint entire 3150 Sq ft home

Paint ceilings

Repair texture and paint water damage in 3 areas of the ceiling

Paint entire 2 car garage

Paint all oak cabinets White, sand, prime and paint correctly off hinges probably 25 doors, and 15 drawers

Paint all 12 doors

paint stair case wood poles

paint baseboards 

@Dan Wells where is this? I painted the entire interior of one of my rentals for 2k, that one was 850 square feet.

Comparably yours is 3100 feet which would be 7200.

That seems about $1,000 more than I would typically pay, but not crazy high.

$1.50/ sf of floor area, plus garage (400 sf), plus cabinets which are a lot of work to paint properly.

Ted, he did give me the option to buy everything and only charge 6500.00 but I don't have time to fool around with that and potentially get the wrong stuff to maybe save 500.00 or so. call me Lazy but I do have a full time job otherwise lol 

it’s been awhile since I’ve had an entire interior painted but ballpark that seems reasonable esp as it incl garage (I assume that’s not included in 3150 sq ft?) and there is a lot of detail work in there - cabinets are expensive and time consumInc to paint, plus all those doors, baseboards, stair balusters etc. and ceiling repairs. I’d maybe get a second est just as a gut check, I usually get 2 estimates for things this size unless I’m working with someone I have an established/recurring relationship with and trust.  

In my experience, it's in the ballpark of $1/sqft (of floor) for labor only. 

I could honestly probably make more as a painter as I could a mech engineer. The only difference is I currently don't have to hustle for my work and I get benefits. 

This is where renting in a college town would be nice. Cheap labor everywhere

I have a friend that needs a 50 person town home complex painted, and probably 3 homes a month, This job I believe is going to gain him access to those jobs thru me. That might have helped a bit. 

Originally posted by @Matthew Paul :

That price sounds a bit on the low side with all the cabinets .

 yes if they are done right with oil paint and top quality. !!!

I’m not a professional painter nor have I ever hired one, but I have painted many, many apartments/houses in the last 12+ years. That seems pretty inexpensive for what they’re doing. Painting cabinets alone is a very time consuming job.

I opened this thinking $8k for paint was crazy, but that sounds like a huge job.

My rule of thumb is to get at least 3 quotes for everything (at least the first time) and let everyone know I'm shopping them around.

My first thought was wow that's outrageous.  Then I read the details.  Sadly, that doesn't sound far off.  Here is South Carolina, a good quick estimate is $1/ sq foot for interior.  I recently paid $2k for the exterior a 1700 sq foot house.  Add in all the detail work and it gets quite expensive.  

My husband and I decided to save some money and repaint the interior of our 1700 sq ft reno ourselves in one weekend.  It's been 3-5 years since we have painted an entire house.  It about killed my husband.  Just a reminder we're not in our twenties anymore.  It's not difficult work, but it's definitely hard work.