How to calculate when to sell a rented investment property?

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I have purchased many properties, and nearly all are rented and mortgaged privately, just completed major renovations and have 2 more to complete now.  Need to be more liquid to cover the constructions costs. 

I am in a seller's market, I am trying to figure out how to correct my position.  Any advice and personal experience is appreciated!

Hard to really get into this without any specific details related to the financials regarding each house, but I’d start here...
If you need some liquidity, I’d run the cap rates on all my rentals and identify the bottom 3 producing rentals. (Assuming cash flow was the goal when you purchased)
I’d then evaluate the loans, balances, potential growth of said neighborhood and select whichever property has the lowest potential to earn over the next 5 years.
That’d be the one I’d sell.
Good luck!