REI ideas if you had $500,000!

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If you had $500,000 cash to invest in RE what would you do? Considering you are new to RE. Would you buy multiple properties or would you go for a large apartment or commercial building? Would you want to pay out of pocket and use all of your $ and grow from there without getting into debt or would you try and get financing and go bigger? What else would you do? Thank you!

Buy a few smaller properties to have free and clear and then use the rest to do private money lending. 

Totally depends on your goal.  Some people want to scale and build a huge business.  Others just want to make enough to quit their jobs, or to build a nice retirement income.  For me, I own almost all of my properties free and clear, and have very little overhead, so I am totally happy taking on limited debt at better rates and earning a great residual cashflow and just reinvesting excess profits.  This allowed me to get to multiple of my freedom number and semi-retire faster with a lot less properties.  To each their own!!

Good luck!!