Cost to build a shipping container home

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So I've recently become interested in shipping container homes. Has anyone had any experience building or living in one?

How much cheaper are the building cost?

Is it difficult to find financing for these types of projects?

A good size container is under 3k and then you need to run electric, plumbing, hvac, after that you need less money that you expect.  But getting those three are the hard part.  You have to get the structure through the planning commision in that area.  Not to many places want that.  I was gonna put one up, I live on the corner of two dirt roads.  My local government said NO!......If I can't get it approved in the middle of know where I am not sure anyone can....

I work with some projects on container homes with a container manufacturing company in Vietnam and the price is around 10k-15k for finished one (include plumbing, electric, flooring etc.). The shipping to ports of the US is around 2.5k-4k. The projects we are working on are in CA and FL so i dont know what the zoning or city's requirements in other places yet. Personally I think container home is a great for modern affordable housing

@Minh Dong would you share some contact information regarding the manufacturing company and shipping companies. I realize that there would be additional transport costs to Colorado. When you say "plumbing & electrical" have you found them to meet IBC & RBC standards? On the pricing you mentioned, what length are these homes? When you say "finished" does that include kitchens and baths? How do you deal with foundations and anchoring - slabs? Curious to learn more... 

Hi Teri, I have direct relationship with them so the quote is always lower. The electrical and plumbing  all meet US standard since they provided container homes to city of LA before. Kitchen and bath are included and 40' length is for the higher end of the cost 15k+ 

I'm dealing with the container home itself, foundation and slab usually taken care of by my partners and they just hires some experience local developer so I don't have more information on that at the moment. 

Feel free to.shoot me a message if you want to chat more