Buying in Small Population Areas

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Just looking for input on buy and holds in areas of low population with little glam and prestige, but a strong constant rental market. I’ve come across several deals now with incredible numbers and full occupancy for quite some time. Now I know there are down sides like limited resources, property management, contractors, etc.., but I feel like I’m talking myself out of many opportunities. Has anyone had good success in areas like this?
@Anthony O. Is just the town the property is in small but a larger city/employment area close by? Say 30 minutes or less. I grew up in an area like this and I’m prettt sure the rental market there is pretty good
@Caleb Heimsoth Yes, actually in both cases they are within 30min- 1 hour. I know there’s a strong rental market but I am just hesitant. I know there’s so much discussion about purchasing in lively busy growing areas that I feel conditioned to not consider markets that aren’t as robust.