Wholesaling with no money ??

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is it really possible to get a house under contract and wholesale it to another investor without any money? I’ve come across a few different articles that seem to contradict each other, wondering if anyone here on BP has done any deals like that. 

If you want to work your butt off for a payoff that may very well be less than minimum wage it may be possible.  However most wholesalers spend money on marketing to save themselves a ton of time.

Short answer: Yes. 

BUT, you'll have to substitute a lot of time for capital. Any kind of off-market investing will require marketing to find deals. It's very difficult.

Like the posters said above, if you don't have money, you'll have to spend alot of time.  And even then, that will cost money.  For instance, driving for dollars is said to be a "free" way of marketing.  But you have to pay for gas, postage, envelopes, etc.  I don't know a single strategy that is truly "free"...