Staging You Flip Tips and Tricks

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"Make it Simple. Make it Memorable. Make it Inviting to look at. Make it fun to read." - Leo Burnett

In Our digital age, having killer photos is a must for any property, and taking the time to properly stage your flip can ensure you get more than the asking price on your investment! Follow our tips below for staging these important rooms before your hire a professional to photograph your space.


More than just a scented candle here folks. Hopefully you have taken the time to upgrade your kitchen, and have given it a beautiful facelift! The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house to buyers, so staging it is of utmost importance. What you need for a stellar kitchen is accessories, colors, and items you would normally have in a kitchen. Empty countertops are dull, so adding some cute (clean) towels, fruit bowls, even cookie jars go a long way to add some personality. Clean plate ware, free of designs can add to an aesthetic appeal and add a tidiness to your modern kitchen. Make sure the lightning is spot on, and make sure you have some curtains for your space for some added color. For more kitchen staging tips, check out this awesome post.


When staging your bedrooms it’s important to think of luxury and comfort. Mix and match textures, colors, and pieces to create breathtaking space. Solid color wall, add a print for some interest, monochromatic modern feel to your walls and floor, add some texture and color with a dramatic light feature for some added elegance. Adding a headboard to your bedroom can transform the overall look and feel of a white room, all while giving vibes of sleepy sunday mornings. Thinking of alternative uses for your spaces can also make your room more desirable, such as adding a reading corner or vanity. For statement pieces for a steal, check out your local consignment shop or thrift store for some dramatic pieces with personality and flair.


Staging your bathroom is often overlooked but can make all the difference on selling an unsure buyer on your flip. Adding crisp white towels, a decorative soap dish and small potted plant on a window sill is a expensive way to elevate a bathroom. If you have the room for a larger space, add, a small basket full of rolled up hand towels, neatly packaged decorative soap, and some bathrooms in the closet, giving your bathroom a more resort like feel.

How do you stage to help flip your places faster?

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