Your favorite podcasts?

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Hi all,

I'm new to real estate and located in the DC/NoVA area which is a very high CoL area.

Looking to purchase my first property with intent to rent a room or other unit to someone else to help pay the mortgage. 

From my quick research it seems like this is a tough area to cash flow if I move in a few years, and there are very few duplex/multifamily type units in the area, especially in my price range.

Two main questions:

1.  I have a long commute and started downloading the BP podcasts.  Are there any certain episodes you think are really good for beginners that I should start with?

2.  Any preferred meetups or people in the Northern Virginia / DC metro area I should seek out?

I haven't been impressed with the meetups I've found so far.

I assume the BiggerPockets one is obvious. I like the two that Lee mentioned. Rod Khlief has one as well geared towards multifamily, focuses on investor psychology a lot. Has a driving force one I think he does every Friday or so, that's more or less a pep talk. Real Estate Guys is pretty good. They talk about macro and national real estate trends more than others and do a good job of explaining things at least theoretically. They don't give nitty gritty numbers of specific deals usually. Joe Fairless has a "Best Ever" podcast, that he does daily, so it covers a wide range of things and they tend to be shorter, usually no longer than 30 mins.

@Neil Quinn Ah, sorry. Missed that. I think I listened to all of them from newest to oldest and then back, so I can't point to specific episodes offhand. I remember some of the earlier ones weren't as good/polished (sub-30 episodes). You could tell they were nervous and uptight and there's a couple of episodes where they should've screened the guest a little better. That being said, I think the earlier ones were more relevant to people just starting off and that's always biggerpockets focus because 90% of biggerpockets is always beginners or people that want to begin, but seems like the later episodes have more uber successful/advanced investor types and they don't hit on the beginning stuff as hard.