Sell, rent, or occupy current primary residence?

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We are currently in a position to leave our current residence and live rent free in a home paying only utilities and upkeep. The rent free home is over an hour from my work, so I am taking into consideration the cost of fuel/vehicle maintenance. My main question is whether it makes more sense to rent out our current residence or sell it and use the equity to invest in multifamily? Our home is worth around $220-230k and we owe $180k. I am new to REI and am open to other strategies or ideas. Would it be feasible to rent our current primary and refinance it to use the equity to invest in multifamily? I know I am overlooking details and obstacles, so any advice from someone with experience would be great! Thank you

You probably won't gain much in a refinance because you would probably need at least 20% equity which is about where you are already. If you sold you would probably get $30,000 or so and depending on the area that may not be enough to get into multifamily, in my area it wouldn't be enough for single family. If you want to do REI your best option is probably to keep it as is and rent it out. Make sure your lender is okay with you not occupying the home and maintaining your current loan.