Abandoned home owned by Invitation Homes...anyone try buying?

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There's usually a  Frankenstein house in every neighborhood.  Abandoned and grown up for months or years.  But I was surprised to run across a severely neglected one that is owned by Invitation Homes.

Has anyone tried buying vacant homes from them? Why would they buy an REO property in 2015 in a fairly nice neighborhood, and then abandon it??

That's interesting. I found few of their homes on for sale by owner sites. Whereas Zillow would show available for rent only. Contacted them and they gave me a run around about me having to rent for 6 months first, then they would sell it to me. Sounds fishy. And not sure why they have them listed on for sale by owner sites if they do not intend to sell...

@Renat S. that's most likely a tax issue, they must rent it for 6 months to be able to write off the loss in a more advantageous way.

Would you mind sharing the contact you talked with? Was their number listed on the FSBO site?

I'm very interested in pursing this house I found.  If possible!