Should I do a Subject to???

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I will try to make this short

My Aunt passed during the renovation process of her home, my Grandmother inherited the house and the renovation price tag of 70k, she is currently paying a low payment of about $170 a month. I don't really know how the renovations came up to that because I don't see where a dime of that money went at all. But anyway, I was looking into subject to's and I believe I understand it. I would like to have the house in my name but would like my Grandparents to remain in the home, would a subject to make sense in this situation ? 

@Terrell Murray Grandma already took title subject to the existing mortgage when she inherit the house. Grandma can sign a deed and you can be new owner in same way. Remember, there are only 2 ways to become an owner of record with a good title: Current owner signs a deed with you as grantee or a Judge signs one. The bank will probably keep accepting payments no matter who has ownership. With a payment so low, I'd find a way to fix up house from another deal, and keep that loan.