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Hello Bigger Pockets,

I have been  lurker on the board for months and finally decided to hop in on the fun.  I just accepted a promotion to Austin, TX from the Bay Area.  This is my second Rodeo in Austin, I owned a home which I unfortunately sold 1 year ago.  Looking at the market today, I am not sure that I am ready to jump back into Austin until the prices settle.

However San Antonio appears to be a great market for investing and I would love to obtain one or rental properties.  

Thank you BP

Hi Tunde! I'm just seeing this now and noticed that nobody has replied to you. Clayton Pickens is an excellent REA in San Antonio as he is also an investor (owns 10 or so units that he rents). He is extremely patient and willing to help people. Never gives you a BS ARV or CMA and genuinely wants to help. I recommend giving him a call!

Here's his info:

Hope this helps!