Financing low value homes

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Just got my first offer accepted on a home that has a current tenant and will cash flow on closing day. The offer is for 65k all cash. I have the funds to pay cash at closing for this property but would rather use leverage so that i can rehab or buy more properties with remaining capital. The problem is that most lenders don't touch loans under 100k due to large up front fees which is going to make using leverage a bit difficult. I work with several people who are eager to invest with me in real estate but I am unsure on how to structure a deal like this with them. Looking for any advice/stories that could help me with this particular deal and allow me to immediately start looking for another.

@Nathaniel Schmitt congrats on your first deal! Look around for other banks, typically most banks have a minimum 25k on a first purchase loan. Every property in my portfolio was originally under 50k and getting loans for them was cake. Ideally you can find a local bank that doesn’t require you to “season” the property. This means wait 1-2 years before being able to get a “market value” refi. This way, you can BRRRR. Buy it with cash, renovate it, rent it, refinance it (get your cash back!) and Repeat! I started do by this 16 months ago and I’m up to 9. It’s a great strategy for buIldIng long term wealth through passive income.
@Benjamin Pifer most of the time I do because then the bank I use will refi me out at 80% of the comps versus purchase + Reno costs. If the project is large and it would tie up too much of my cash and prevent me from buying other deals, I finance it all from the start.