What can you tell me about this location?

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Good morning everyone,

I'm looking to purchase a potential rental property in this location Baltimore, MD 21212.  It's close to Loyola and Notre Dame university between Homeland ave and Beaumont Ave.

Could anyone give me some information about this area? I walked around at noon and saw lots of renovations happening, some boarded houses but overall clean and nice neighborhood.

I appreciate any feedback!


if you mean Woodbourne ( Homeland becomes Woodbourne) and Beaumont ave, not a great area.

Does not mean, deal is bad, but you will not get students as renters that is for sure, even tough it is very close to two colleges.

Some blocks are crazier than the others, depends on which block your on, it might worth it.

York Road in 21212 is possibly the only place in the country where you can buy a house for 50K directly to the east or 500K directly to the west.  It really is amazing.