How to get qualified for mortgage out of state with no w2?

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help us out? My wife’s and current situation is that we went to buy rental properties and also relocate. We are from Long Beach, CA and her father has numerous rental properties. We’re just getting started into the game and we feel like Atlanta is a better place for us to get started. I’m also originally from Atlanta by the way. Our problem that we’re facing is that we’re self employed and we have no clue on how we can get qualified for a loan out of state with no W2. We have an LLC and we also have rental properties in Long Beach that are under the LLC. I’ve recently looked into foreign qualification for LLC to practice our business in another state; would that help us get qualified? Idk. We’re in need of direction on what our steps should be. Please please enlighten us 🙏
@Rangsey Chum you could look at getting a line of credit on one of current properties and buy in cash, then cash oIt refi or talk to local investor friendly lenders. Make sure to do your research, some investor friendly lenders charge high fees and closing costs.

@Rangsey Chum I can recommend getting in touch with Bookkeeper360. They do taxes and bookkeeping, but are also very knowledgable about the laws governing LLCs, as they also help with the incorporation and taxation of all kinds of companies. 

Best of luck!