Anyone have dental school/practice debt but still investing?

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My husband and I are about to purchase a dental practice but I’m also eager to start investing in real estate. I’d like to purchase a home, live in it for a couple years and then sell or start renting it. He’s apprehensive purchasing a home before we qualify for our dental practice loan. But I’m wondering if it’s better that we get a house loan now because we probably wouldn’t qualify after a dental practice loan. So my question is, has anyone been in this situation? How do you manage to invest in real estate when already dealing with medical school debt? Or practice loan debt? Is it still possible?

@Emily Lassen - will it cash flow after you purchase it with the business loan right away?  (Obviously, that's personal and you don't need to answer that...)  If so, would it cash flow enough where in a year you can start your real estate journey?

Also, if you have good enough credit scores, you might be able to put down a decent down payment on a house, then pull out a loan against said house and use it for a down payment for the dental practice. Something along the lines of the BRRR strategy. Keep in mind, depending on the loan amount of the practice and what they could liquidate the assets of the practice for, they may ask for additional collateral in the event you default on the dental practice loan. Just a thought...

@Anthony McEvoy I’ve never heard of the BRR strategy. Sounds risky but interesting. Any suggestions on where I can learn more about that? Also, it will cash flow - and actually triple our current income. All exciting stuff! But the practice management company we’re working with right now discourages investing in real estate. They’re pushing us to go the safer route and invest the money with the typical 7% return. So we’re wondering how we could get around that. Maybe investing my income in real estate instead - but so many people here do it with no money down which I’d like to learn more about. The only problem is qualifing for loans since I haven’t started making an income again. Aaaand since we‘re about to take out a sIGNIFICAT n loan for the practice.

@Emily Lassen BRRRR: Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat. Search this sight and tons of information will appear.

Back to your situation... I was thinking you could get the best of both worlds if you bought with a big enough of a down payment, maybe a little bit of rehab/maybe not, then pull a portion of your down payment back out through refinance or a HELOC for purchasing the dental practice.

However, if the practice would triple your income (Of course, assuming tripling your income doesn't mean $100 to $300.), then I would get the practice going and use the income to start real estate investing.  I suggest having the practice provide you a paycheck so you can have proof of income, if you aren't already doing this.

There's nothing wrong with getting a 7% return... probably through some sort of index fund/mutual fund combination... and then taking that money in a year or a couple years and starting the real estate journey then.  All along getting acclimated with the dental practice... listen to podcasts, read real estate books (again search this site to see book recommendations), and read these forums to learn from other people.  Read The Book on Investing in Real Estate with No (and Low) Money Down by @Brandon Turner to get ideas.

I hope this helps you get ideas and plan your journey!  I am interested what you end up doing... keep me posted!