Important to Know your local RE market

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No matter what type of Real Estate investing you're planning on doing it is important to learn your local market. I am a wholesaler in Dc, Maryland, and Virginia. Starting out, I had no idea where I wanted to go with this business. I started driving for dollars everyday in Maryland, and noticed some of the things these GURUs talk about, and started taking notes on what investors look for. Learning the High Arv zip codes in Maryland & Dc has opened up doors for better deals & more equity for my investors.

I have currently been able to land 3 properties in Baltimore

5.73 acres of investment property in Pg County & 3.75acres of raw land

3 houses in Dc all under contract within the same month.

This Real Estate Journey will open up doors for me and my family. You don't always have to branch out to other markets you aren't familiar with. LEARN YOUR LOCAL MARKET.