Negotiating Real Estate In-Person

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While I'm not new to buying or selling real estate, I am new to doing it with an emphasis toward investment.  Having done this, I find the back and forth to the traditional Real Estate negotiation antiquated.  The property I recently sold was like a 2-3 day process every time and offer and counter was made.  Time is money, and I'd much rather sit across from someone I'm going to low-ball to explain the methodology on how I arrived at my numbers.

On multiple occasions now, the agents look at me like I have a 3rd eye every time I've asked to meet with the seller/buyer depending on which side of the aisle I'm sitting.

Curious people's thoughts around this.

People hire an agent because they want a representative. Some know quite well that they are no good at negotiating and want someone else to do it. Often there are many people involved, siblings in other states or a child or spouse they want to consult with before making a decision. In my experience the buyer sitting in the same room rationalizing why they gave an offer at 60% of asking is a whole lot worse than me as their agent presenting that same offer. 

I already have a relationship and can discuss where your offer came from and provide them alternatives. I can also present your highlights specifically in terms that meet their goals. "Look, you said you wanted this closed out before Janice went to Australia, this offer is a cash 2 week close, so it will help us to reach that goal". If your offer is really something that would be in their best interest or meet their actual needs (vs what you are perceiving is their needs) I am going to look at it with an open mind with an end goal of reaching their objectives. If you walk in as some new guy and throw down a 60% offer, the shades went down and they are now just looking at some jerk who dared walk into their house and present this insult of an offer.