Evaluating an investment area

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Hi everyone! I'm new to BP and am looking for some help so I can get started on my first deal. With that said, I was wondering.. What makes an area good to invest in and who/ what is a good resource to get that information? Like do you look at job growth, median income, revitalization projects. Do you get this kind of info from google, certain government officials/departments? If there are any existing posts that are good resources please let me know. Thanks!!

Positive cash flow, or appreciation? 

Most MF properties rent does not cover outgo unless you have adequate down payment.  So your chore is work backwards until you find the sweet spot on price threshold.  Then you zoom in look at neighborhoods, A, B, C, D.... Every town has ghettos. Metropolitan is often a good place to start. 

There are probably 100s of these questions asked recently so you can read through them and get an idea.