Chicago investment and flip

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Hi, what is your in-put with Lincoln Yard development and the city project around the Chicago River also, which area in the city you think is the best to flip? 

@Farzan Setayesh Chicago has many great areas to flip. I guess the real question would be how much money your investing? Anywhere around the river walk is very easy to sell and always in high demand but wIth A hIgh prIce tag. Another area developing rapidly is around Randolph St and Halsted. An area in which there are lots of restaIrants / bars and turnIng trendy rapIdly wIth lots of old buildings in the area that can be converted. I’m a big fan of Pilson area as well with all the “hipsters” moving in and UIC being so close. Prices are skyrocketing in the area but there are also many deal to be found.

In the Denver market, I have found many emerging areas for my investors. As a result, they have been able to purchase on the ground floor of a rising market sub-segment. Often my gut tells me "this is a good deal," even if I don't have hard data to back it up. Other times my guts reaction is confirmed by the data. In either case, however, a couple of things are certain in the Denver market: you had better become very familiar with the target area, and you had better act fast if you think it is a deal. It won't be there next week. 

Keith, I'm 100%  with you regarding investing around the River, just lost a deal! 3 flat rental, with great bone and it was one of the few residential parcel in the area that everything else was zoned commercial! It wa located in LP. There is nothing to find East of Ogden on West Loop that you can touch..... All over priced.