NOVA peeps no longer need to say your from DC

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NOVA friends rejoice. It is only a matter of days for Bezos to announce that area near Dulles airport will be part of HQ2. You will no longer need to say; 'I live in DC' to sound more interesting than 'I live in Va'. Virginia will no longer be just that boring state you have to drive thru to get anywhere good.

This being the inevitable case, I would like to hear your thoughts what areas (cities & neighborhoods) would make for the best buy and hold properties. Specifically around Dulles airport. 

@Sarah London I appreciate your optimism on the upcoming Amazon decision, but I'm not convinced that it will be Northern Virginia or we will hear an answer before the end of the year. I think East Coast makes sense for Amazon so they can have a HQ on each coast, but i'm not sure about Northern Virginia. Time will tell....