Coeur D'Alene / Spokane Rental Market

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Hello BP Community! I live in Sacramento, CA but am looking to invest in Northern Idaho and/or Spokane. "Someday" my wife and I would like to relocate to Northern Idaho, but in the meantime we'd like to begin building a base of rentals in the area. We're interested in duplexes in CDA and perhaps student rentals in and around Gonzaga. We would of course be out of state investors for a good chunk of time, so was curious if anyone can fill us in on what the market is like in CDA and the Gonzaga area of Spokane - recommendations of areas to focus on? What kind of cash flow you could generally expect in the 200-300K / 20-25% down range? Are there property management companies in the area willing take on 1-4 doors? Recommendations on realtors focused on investment properties (preferably ones who hold investment properties themselves)? Any information would be greatly appreciated, we're heading up in mid-October to begin the search so just trying to get our feet underneath us before we make the trek. Thank you - Love this community!

Hi @Ben Jones , welcome to BP!

• Cash flow will greatly differ in CDA and Gonzaga area.
• Plenty of property management companies that will be glad to have you.  The key is working with the good ones.  I'm happy to point you in the right direction.
• I have a handful of trustworthy Realtors that can help you, and will gladly direct you to the right ones, depending on your specific goals. While most agents can handle anything, it's good to know their strengths and work with those who are strongest where you need them to be.
• When you come to town, we should meet up!

Send me a direct message, and let's connect. :)

HI @Ben Jones , 

I cannot speak to Spokane very well but I am a property manager in Idaho and a soon to be licensed agent in Idaho.  I would be happy to speak with you about rentals and the type of cash flow we are seeing in North Idaho. (hint, I am a big Post Falls, ID fan). Can also connect you with my Real Estate agent team who works with investors primarily and would be happy to show you around the CDA area. Also, @davidclinton III is the best, hook up with him as well. 

Tyler Wagner - Steadfast Properties  

@Ben Jones

Hi Ben,

I am a Realtor in Coeur d'Alene and an investor. Would love to talk real estate investing in Idaho. I agree with Clinton, there are plenty of property managers that will help with the smaller projects.  Do you have a problem finding them in Sacramento? (Just curious).

Welcome to BP!