Warning: Scam artist Michael Melendez

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I just wanted to do my due diligence to advise all of a Scammer that claims to work for MVP (Me Vacation Property Management).  He will be very diligent and responsive at first, then once he has your money he will disappear and  your business listings will also disappear.  I have also been tracking his scams as well, to ensure that this tends to be his M.O.  Please do yourself a favor and stay away from him and his fake company!   

This person owes me personally about $950.00 to which is preventing my daughter from being able to play Lacrosse as I am a single mother (do not get child support or any other form of help) I took this "job" from him as a second income and way to pay off my hospital bills and to help support myself/daughter...What kind of heartless individual would do this? well look below...

He took money from a father/son in my area via wire transfer and then disappeared on us.  I have another individual to which a similar occurrence has happened, and there are a few other local individuals to which he never finished two properties locally, he (well I did but he was supposed to reimburse my expenses) started three other properties..  I have also tracked some individuals around the U.S. that have had similar issues with him.  I am leaving names out to protect the individuals privacy, however I would encourage all whom have been scammed to tell their stories to help save other individuals from this same issue.  thank you for your time and if ANYONE can help me track him down I would totally appreciate it!

@Mindy Jensen Since this is a BP pro member and it has been confirmed that he has scammed various people and appeared to have signed up on BP to recruit unsuspecting investors, is there anything that BP can do to assist?  Feel free to message me if I can be of any help as I did work with this individual and also had a poor experience.

I also had the unfortunate opportunity to have met Michael Melendez. He rented my property and turned it into an AirBnb no problem but then started taking people’s money for there stays but never giving them access to the property. Several vacationers contacted me since I legally own the property. All the guests were from over seas so Michael Melendez knew it would be hard for them to take legal action. 

David Cernance 

Miami Beach HomeStay

Updated 12 months ago

Eviction was filed and he was barred from the property.