Help me analyze this deal in North Pole, Alaska

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I’m looking into purchasing a duplex out here in Alaska, and was curious to see if anyone had any input or thoughts.. The property sells for $220k and has 2 units; combined rental income is $2700 per month. I would put 25% down since it’s an investment property. Here’s a breakdown of the monthly costs: Rent 1250 PM 270 (10%) Maint 270 (10%) Vacancy 135 (10%) Heat 200 (It is common out here for the owner to pay for heat in this area, but this is factored into the monthly rent payment). This would leave me with a monthly profit of $575. I’m mainly in this for the long run to have this property mortgage-free, and gain some appreciation, but obviously also care about having a positive cash flow. Any thoughts or input?

@Louis Phlips If those numbers are accurate, the return would be ~12%. [575*12]/[220000*.25]   not too bad

Why do you want the property to run free and clear? I would recommend using a HELOC once you have enough equity and use the extra money to earn more money in the form of purchasing another investment property.

Best of luck!