Pittsburgh PA market

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Hi all,

I'm an investor looking at several states outside where I live (NYC) to invest in SFH/multiplexes for rental income. Right now I'm really curious about the Pittsburgh area, given the tech companies push that's happening right now, with all the start ups moving there . Curious to know real estate agents and investors who have boots on the ground in PA what they think of this in Terms of investing there . I'm also interested in that area as I can get a home for a 100K or below. Lastly, what areas do you recommend to purchase a home in as I'm investing for rental income purposes, don't mind holding the home for a while as it appreciates. The price to rent ratio is Imprtant to me.

@Account Closed Hi Farida, Pittsburgh is a great market to invest in as the buy-in is a lot more conducive than other more saturated markets. Hailing from New York, I'm sure you can appreciate that. And you are right, Pittsburgh has changed for the better with the influx of technology based businesses and start-up companies hiring more people who are in turn looking for places to rent. This combined with a very proactive Mayor who seeks initiatives that encourage economic growth have really become attractive to those investing in Pittsburgh. I would be more than happy to share some insight into the Pittsburgh market and the areas to look into.....Gary

Farida the market here is wonderful! There are some really great areas that I love because renters seem to really be attracted to those areas right now like brookline, beechview, brentwood, ross, brighton heights, sharpsburg, millvale, etc. You'll find a lot of good areas here!