3 Questions To Ask A Realtor

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If you could ask 3 questions to your real estate agent to learn about the market within your city. What would they be & why?

@Mark Anderson so many possibilities but here's where I'd start:

1) What areas have the highest long-term growth and public/private sector investment?  I'd be looking for stable but growing neighborhoods.

2) In the neighborhoods identified in #1, what price range has the most selling/renting activity.  I'd want to focus my investing activities on the types of properties that are most in demand in the neighborhoods that people want to live in.

3) For the properties in the price range identified in #2, what amenities/features help those properties sell/rent the best?  Whether I'm buying a turn key or making the improvements myself, I'd want to make sure the properties end up with the amenities and features that people buying or renting those properties demand.

Hope that's a start.  Best of luck to you!