Real Estate Agent in Newark, NJ?

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So long story short, Ive been on here a while and a couple years back I was talking about investing in Newark.  I never did so because of other things happening around me.  BUT, now I'm trying to get back into the swing of things.  Im going to start trying to reach out but my question is, for those of you ladies and gentlemen investing in the Newark, NJ area, who are the ace agents that you would recommend me getting in touch with? Im looking into buying and holding small multi families (no more than 4 units per). 

Hey Andrew!

I'm an investor and agent in the Newark area. I'm currently building a new construction three-family in the ironbound section of Newark, which we plan to hold on to and rent out. I've developed some good relationships within the town in regards to other investors and some people in zoning. Let me know if I would be able to help me you!

- Ryan