initial walk through inspection checklist

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Hello all,

I wanted to create this topic as a separate thread. This is in relation to developing a rough plan for a property during the first walkthrough.

What specific areas of a home/building should one be on the lookout for when it comes to estimating rehab costs and determining the condition of the property? 

Water heater, roof, electrical panel? What are the key components to keep an eye on? 

What should we be specifically looking for?

Do any fellow investors use a checklist for items to determine what they are going to need to do for a property? 

Major expenses: roof, electrical, heating and cooling, foundation, plumbing

It really depends on the individual property and what you plan to do with it. Are you holding it long-term or flipping?

no matter your strategy, I would find someone with expertise in that area and ask for specific advice. You can probably even find a book that addresses the process in more detail.