Lexington, Ky multi-family

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Hey everyone..So, ive done a bit of research over the past 4 months on REI. Im going to start out using my VA to purchase a multi family property then go from there into small flipps with the money ive saved from the deployment im currently on. Im looking for someone that is selling or looking to sell multi family in lex now or in the future..or just someone that know where to look in the area. I didnt get into REI until i left counry. Will be back Mid Jan. Thanks for the help in advance!!!

@Aaron Laabs Good luck on your journey! I know a great Multifamily broker in the area, when you come back. Let me know if you want his info.

I've heard fantastic things about Lexington.

- 100 straight years of growth

- Diverse economy

- Affordable

- Rents consistently rising

Looks like a great market to me. Wish you success!