With the stock market crashing we want to move some more money into real estate.  Now I don't think that SF is a good market to flip homes but we also have interest in have a place to use on Occassion. I've read the rules with SF Short term and only looking at places @$1M that has short term friendly HOAs. We also might consider executive rentals.

Whats the real potential here? Here my first wack at it. I don't mind covering $1,000 a month but $1600 is getting a little rich. Who's done this well and can reach out?

Purchase 1,000,000
Down 200,000    
Mortgage 800000    
Debit 5200    
Tax 1000    
Ins 800    
Maint 500    
HOA 600    
Short Term Rental      
90 days @ 600 + short term 65000    
less mgt and fees 52000    
Avg Monthly 4333.33333    
Cash Flow Monthly -3766.6667    
Cash Flow Yearly -45200    
Depreciation -21666.667    
Loss + Depreciation -66866.667    
Taz Benefit -25409.333    
Cash flow after Tax Benefit -19790.667 or monthly -1649.2222