Newbie with a few more questions

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Hello it's me again with more questions being new I am filled with them. Well I just joined and also REIA to get more information working on some deals but a little stuck when it comes to cash creatively to the seller. So the best route is to use Seller finance, lease option, wholesalers, notes, and partnership correct? Where do I find the wholesalers? Also please explain about notes? Where can I find a partnership? Are there reliable funding on line? Also if I have property with great equity but need cash to borrow can I get a home equity loan even if credit isn't perfect? Also if I find a good property and seller gives me information on their home but I still want to double check and watch my back and make sure there aren't liens or anything do I go to court house for that or where do I go for information? I do have other questions but that is all for now.