Real Estate Virtual Assistant

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Hello Everyone,

Hope you are doing. Apologies if this is irrelevant to this group.

I am an independent freelancer from the outside USA. I do web research, data entry, and other stuff.

I am interested to work on the real estate industry as a virtual assistant. I am researching what skilled i should develop to be a potential assistant. I can see many resources out there. I am not sure from where should I start and what would be much-needed things to know. Can any of you give some idea that I need to learn first?

If anyone you want me to work with you. I would love to.

Let me know your thoughts.



I would try to get into transaction coordinating for a real estate brokerage. Several agents that I work with use a VA to write their offers and contracts.

That pays pretty well and it's not difficult as long as you can get someone to go over the contract with you.