economical Wood Window manafacturer

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Does anyone know of a wood window manufacturer that has economical prices? I have a property that needs new windows and is in a Fort Worth historic district.....  All the quotes I've received have been about 3x to 4x the price of vinyl windows.

Hey Ceasar, 

As someone who owns a wood window manufacturer, your pricing is going to be 3-4x higher than the cheap drop in or hang flange vinyl windows; however, prices will be comparable to Marvin true divided light windows. The price difference is due to a significant difference in quality.The reproduction wood windows we build are meant to last 100+ years, not 10-15 years. 

A typical 6 over 1 colonial style sash set runs in the $550-650 range plus install, which is an entirely different skill set than drop in vinyls. Restoration can be completed on many sash, but that extends the timeline and sometimes price, as well.