If I'm trying to find the owner of an LLC who owns property in

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I'm attempting to find the owner of an LLC who owns property in Phoenix but that doesn't necessarily mean the LLC is registered in Arizona right? What's the best way to find the owner? I've googled the company and skipped the mailing address. The property address owner is the LLC but I'm not sure how to contact the owner if I don't know their name...

No, the LLC doesn't HAVE to be registered in AZ, though it likely is. Did you check the Secretary of State registry? If you have a mailing address, you could always try to a "dear sir/madam" letter instead of addressing it to one specific person.

Go to the website of the Arizona Corporation Commission and do a search.

While there is no guaranty the LLC is registered in Arizona, if it's an LLC that is owning income producing property in Arizona, there's a good chance it will be registered in Arizona (at least it's supposed to be registered in Arizona).


Looking at the site may or may not give you the information you are seeking, but it's definitely the place to start.

Good luck.

I agree with above two replies. Most LLC even if registered in another state, while they do business in AZ, they will do a Foreign LLC registration. Therefore, there is a good chance you can find the details in AZ Corp. Commission. But in case that does not help, here is a good resource for 50 states links to search:


Then again, many times, by just googling the LLC name, you will find more details.

@Allison Meggison

If you're working with an agent in Phoenix, they can easily find the tax mailing address for the home owner, which would likely be the place the LLC has all their mail sent to. So why not just send your letter there and ask for a call back?