Can you 1031 properties in different states?

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I’ve read some great information in the forums on 1031 exchanges, but have not found an answer to a question that I have. As I begin thinking of investing in real estate in other states, I’m wondering if I can make 1031 exchanges to sell properties in one state and buy property in another.  I would think that is acceptable but thought I’d ask those of you who already know.

Thanks in advance for your replies!


Yes. Any US state and a couple other areas. (Guam and Puerto Rico maybe? The USVI?) not sure about the other areas but any state to or from is fine. 

@William Martin You can 1031 any US investment property for ay other US investment property including certain US territories like @Bill Brandt said Guam. USVI, Marianas islands but sadly not Puerto Rico.  

As a us taxpayer you can ask exchange non US property for non US property.

Thanks for the add on Dave. I did not know about the non-us for non-us exchange. Learn something every day. 

Updated over 2 years ago

Ps. Makes me want to swap in to USVI property but it looks like 2 years later stuff is still damaged.