I live in a small town in PA and I recently came across a listing for what appeared to be a 2 unit property for $15900! The previous occupants were hoarders and the place is full of trash, but a good deal nonetheless. I got on the phone right away and found out that only 1 side of the half double is for sale, and its a foreclosure. The realtor is trying to locate the deed through the county but I'm told they are having trouble. We seemed to have located an owner name, which is the same owner of the side that is foreclosed. On the door of the side that is not for sale is a notice from the Sheriff's Office "notice of attempted services." I'm not sure, but from what I looked up it seems the house was purchased in the 60s so I'm going to say he owns it free and clear.

What I am trying to find out is how can I purchase the other side? I get there are a ton of variables, but a few things I'm unsure of in particular:

-if he hasn't paid his taxes, how could I use that to my advantage?

-If the home is in the process of being foreclosed, could I purchase it at this stage or will I have to wait until its fair game for everyone?

-Is my best option to try and locate the owner and give him an offer?

Any insight into this would be a huge help. I'm a first timer BTW, and I am partnering with another first timer. We have enough cash to purchase it outright if the other side is the same price as the first side.