I found a town that has 100k houses...

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I found a town thats 3hours away from me. The population is 8800. My state is expected to double population by 2050s and its fastest growing state in the country. What im thinking is that there is no way this will remain this cheap for ever. They have houses with 11 acres for 150k. They have a 6+ unit apartment building for 150k. They have such cheap properties. Its not just there but all over these far away towns. What are your thoughts of buying in towns with such a small population?

One of the towns has duplexs for the low 100s and houses under 100. Its next to a off campus branch to one of the main campuses. It only has 2,000 students. Theres a few multi family homes that have been on the market for 100s of days. It looks like the population is in the 9000s. But they do have a walmart and stuff. What do you think?

Always be skeptical of distant expectations. If what people said 30 years ago was true today, nothing would be as it is today. If the numbers work now and they might explode in the future, great but do not count on those numbers for the future

Look at net migration and emigration. Just because its cheap does not make it a good deal. There are many other factors to consider, price just one of them.

And do a deep rental analysis, using free sources like Cr****list as well as upmarket properties as are advertised on the MLS. You NEED a second exit strategy, and that might include renting for a year. If the local rents don't support your costs or there are many homes already for rent, don't assume you'll be renting it right away. Good luck!

Thats great , you can buy cheap houses to rent . Now all you have to do is sit and wait for someone to rent it .  If a town only has a population of 8800 people , you dont have much tenant pool to pull from