Hey guys really needing some sound advice on financing my third property. Long post ahead.

My first property was a simple conventional loan that I lived in for 2 years, remodeled, moved out and filled with a tenant.

Second property was a cash deal, no finance needed with 2 other partners.

This brings me to the current prospective deal. Long story I have created a new entity with my business partner with plans to buy single family homes and then scale up to multi family properties. I’ve read in multiple forums and other books that it is extremely hard if not impossible to finance a fixed rate, 30 year conventional loan. This would obviously be my preference. The more brokers and small banks I talk to the more they confirm this.

If this is the case, how do entities/people do the BRRR method on properties and refinance their homes into an LLC? Is the answer to have private money lend the money to buy and rehab the home? Then the bank refinances it conventionally because the entity already owns it?

I have heard the argument of buying it personally then deed it over to the LLC. This makes me uneasy due to possibly having the mortgage company calling the loan.

For what it’s worth this potential deal would be a home with purchase price of 72k and my business partner were hoping to leverage this deal out. Prefer to put 20% down but can do 30%.

Any advice, education, thoughts would be greatly appreciated!