Making offer on house

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Hello everyone

I'm ready to make an offer on a house I've done most of my due diligence on.

A guy that's been helping me out suggested using a buyer's agent because he has found in doing so, the listing agent is more receptive to another agent than himself. I am going to submit an offer today or tomorrow. Could anyone offer any suggestions on the nature of the conversation I should have with the buyer's agent to go about helping me with my offer. Offer insight on whether this is something you would do or have done also. (Using buyer's agent)

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Hey @Cleotha Euwins

I know we already spoke about this but I wanted to put it on the forum for anyone else with the same question. Yes, it's almost always in your best interest to find an agent to represent you. The listing agent has a signed agreement that they are working for the seller and will have the seller's best interest in mind. As a buyer, you want that same representation from your agent. It's hard to find an agent that can represent both sides without being biased. If it's an MLS deal, there is a compensation agreement in place that will pay for the buyer's agent, so you might as well take advantage of that. Find an agent that is familiar with the area and the type of investment property that you want to buy. I would start by asking the agent what type of experience they have with *whatever you are looking for* (investment property, out of state investors, buy and hold, brrrr, etc) Once you have established that they are able to handle what you are looking to do, you are good to go!