Flood Zone- to Wholesale or not to Wholesale

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My town just had a flood and I see properties popping up on the MLS for sale in the flood zone (5+) so far. This is a nice neighborhood with 3bed/2bath/2car garage homes. The homes all need half the walls removed, floors redone, mold remediation, etc.  I understand insurance prices in a flood zone are higher. The questions I have are:

1. Investors, how much below market value would you need this home to be at to get your attention? 

2. Do investors want to buy homes in flood zones?

3. What wholesale strategy would you use? Or do you leave it alone?

Thanks for the feedback. This is my first time investigation the opportunity of a flood zone neighborhood.  

We had a huge issue with flood plains a few years back when I was working with an investor to build a 6 story multifamily in Boston. My initial reaction is that buildings in flood zones are inconsistent and a potential head ache. FEMA changes their flood plain maps sporadically which can cause your insurance rate to jump and cause you to flood proof your property with new systems. We ended up having to go through a huge redesign half way through the project - since then i'm staying away from anything near a flood zone.